Thursday, January 7, 2016

On Trend: Korean Beauty Featured Box

For those who do not know what Birchbox is, Birchbox is a monthly beauty/lifestyle box that includes 5 deluxe samples that are anywhere from skincare, haircare, body, makeup, etc. It is $10 a month, but until January 9th you can get your first box for $5! Use HAPPY5 at checkout (I will update the code when the come out with a new one) by using this link:

This month Birchbox released a curated box that features 7 items that give people an insight to k-beauty. I did not choose this box as my regular monthly Birchbox, but I purchased this box in the shop for free using my points. I could not pass up this box since I am sucker for face masks.

The box includes:

This product is hydrating and moisturizing. To be honest when I first received this product I was a little confused on how to use it since the directions on the back of the bottle are in Korean. Anyway, you tap the top of the bottle on a cotton pad or on to your fingers and then tap the product on to your face and avoid tugging your skin. A little goes a long way and it is a water like gel serum that does not make your skin sticky. It makes my skin feel soft and nice with a dewy look. I love this product and will probably buy this in a full size item or in the Goodal set that Birchbox is currently selling in their shop.

My nightly routine is to take a makeup remover wipe and wipe off my makeup, but I saw that this cleansing foam takes off your makeup and is gentle on the skin. I felt a little weird putting the serum onto my face to take off my makeup. The serum went on nice and took off my makeup wonderfully. To think about it, it actually took off my makeup better than my makeup removing wipes. My face did feel a little dry after using the cleanser, but it did feel really clean. I did not use it to take off any eye makeup.

After using the cleansing foam and waiting for my face to dry, I used this product. It comes as a thin serum that you put on your face and once it is on your face it starts to foam up. It is pretty cool! You keep this bubble peel on your face for two minutes, and in my opinion it is kind of hard to keep on your face for two minutes since the foam can make your face itchy (not an irritated itchy). After the two minutes is up you rub it into your skin to help exfoliate and then wash it off. After I washed this product off my face I was surprised to see how smooth my face was. I was really excited to try this product and am in love with it! Totally am going to buy this product and highly recommend it. I literally can't stop touching my face since it so soft and I have never felt it this soft. Definitely helps with dry skin.

This is a nice lip and cheek tint. It smells like cherries and I really love the smell and it has nice pigmentation. I do not like using in on my cheeks though because it is really red and I have very pale skin, so the red makes me look like I am super sick or even more pale. I do like it for my lips though. It reminds me of Benefit's Benetint but is a darker and longer lasting red. I will not purchase a full size. It is a good product, but I won't be using it for my cheeks.

I'm actually getting this in my regular box this month. This primer has a smooth consistency and does not feel like silicone when comparing it to other primers. It gives you a dewy look and can be worn under foundation or by yourself. It also has a nice smell to it. I say if you wear this primer then skip the highlighter or you will look a little greasy or very shiny.

I was most excited about this product, however I really do not like it. When I first opened the packaging, the serum went flying onto my bathroom floor, and the mask itself was really saturated. I struggled with getting the mask on my face since it kept sticking together and scrunching up. I kept the mask on for twenty minutes and it felt like it was drying out fast as it sat on my face and then when I took it off there was barely serum left on my face. This product has a nice smell and the mask does stick on the face nicely and barely slides. It did leave my face shiny and very smooth. 

This was another product that I was very excited about since I love masks. The smell is nice and it has a smooth consistency. I feel like a little goes a long way. When I have this product on my face it does make my face feel a little tight and I kept it on my face for ten minutes. After washing this off my face, my face felt smooth and clean. This mask did not dry out my face and I will probably buy this product in the near future.

Overall I feel like this is an amazing box and a great box for people looking to try Korean products or different skincare products. I personally have not tried any Korean products before this and I am glad I got to try this box because it now has me hooked on K-Beauty. I am planning on buying RE:P and Goodal products when I get the chance.

In the comments below tell me what you think of this box or what are your favorite products? If you did not choose this box, then what are you getting in your monthly box? Also, what would you like to see in future posts? In a week or so I will be posting my January monthly box so stayed tuned. 

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  1. Great job getting your blog up!!! I found this to be very informative. I also purchased this box with points! Being unfamiliar with a lot of K-beauty, this box brought new things into my routine!!! The only thing I haven't tried is the Manefit face mask. I found the primer to be a bit to shiny for my taste. Although I do think it will work well for summer months. Everything must have! This is my favorite box so far!

    1. Thanks! I agree that this box brings new items in a skincare routine and I feel like it makes the face have more hydration and shine. I do agree that the primer can be too shiny and make one greasy. I find after I put my foundation and concealer on it calms it down.