Saturday, February 27, 2016

LAQA Nail Polish

I bought this nail polish off of Birchbox and I bought it for 40% off since I am a Birchbox Ace. I chose the color Bells and Whistles which is a deep purple. In the picture above you can see the nail polish I got in a haul.

The nail polish has a long wand which I find is nice because I feel when the wands are smaller I tend to accidentally bump into another nail or make a mess. With the longer wand I feel like I don't make a mess with the nail polish.

I love the color and how deep of a purple it is. You could get by with only one coat. It is not goopy and dries really quick. It doesn't have a smell and starts chipping after three days.

Would I buy this nail polish again? Well I would not buy this in Bells and Whistles again any time soon since this nail polish will last me forever. I can never go through a full size nail polish bottle. But, I would buy this nail polish in a different color. You can buy the nail polish here:

I hope you all liked this review and sorry that it is so short. I will be posting reviews from here on out on Tuesday's and Saturday's. I have a ton of awesome products to review for you all. Some I want to review right now since I am so excited for some of them, but I am going to hold off. You may see one of the reviews sometime next week or the following since I am so excited to tell you all about the products! Actually make it two to three items. Anyway, we will see when they are coming. Cannot wait to do some reviews.

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Manna Kadar Lip Locked

In January I made some purchases with my Birchbox points and only paid a $1.81 for everything. I got the Manna Kadar Lip Locked Set, the Goodal Waterest Set, and the Laqa Co. nail polish, and got a mystery pack that had Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion scrub, and Jelly Curls gel. I actually returned the Goodal Waterest Set because I had a sample of one of the products and it was breaking me out, so I sent it back.

Anyway, today I will be reviewing the Manna Kadar lip locked set and later today to make up for missing a post, I will be reviewing the Laqa Co. nail polish, so keep your eyes peeled for that post. 

The Manna Kadar lip locked products claim they are lip glosses, a lip primer, AND a lip stain. I have no idea what to call these lip products since they are three different things. 

The ones I got are samples and I don't mind that since I can never get through a full size lip product and also I can see if I like the product and what colors I like.

The lippies swatched nicely and have a lot of pigment and I feel like some of the colors follow the lip trends of today, such as being nude. They are light weight and gorgeous.

Here are the swatches and from left to right: All of Me which is a light nude, Lucky which is a petal pink, All of You which is a nude rose-pink, Manna Babe is a magenta, and Siren which is a bright red.

Will I say they are a lip primer, well I feel these are too creamy to be a primer and I haven't tried it out as a primer. They are definitely like a lip gloss and feels like one without the stickiness that some lip glosses feel like. Lastly, they are like lip stains, but I only feel like that is true for All of You, Manna Babe, and Siren since they have a lot of pigment to them and are darker than All of Me and Lucky. These lippies do not have a smell to them and wear nicely on the lips. As they come off they fade evenly which is nice. 

Here are some pictures of me wearing the colors on my lips and please excuse my ponytail and how awful I look in pictures when my hair is up.

All of Me:


 Manna Babe:

All Of You:


As you can see they are nice colors, but All of Me and Lucky are very similar in color oddly, but that could be because of my skin color and my lip color.

Will I be purchasing a full size in any of these? If I do it would be in All of You because I really love the color. With Manna Babe and Siren they are nice but are too messy when applying and All of Me and Lucky are too light. Also, with Siren I have too many red lipsticks as it is.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

February 2016 Birchbox

Hey everyone! Sorry I have not done a review for the past week, I have been really busy and I promise I will get back into blogging on Tuesday's and Friday's. This week I will have this post up and another one on Saturday to make it up.

Anyway, last Tuesday I got my monthly Birchbox in the mail. For those who do not know what Birchbox is, it is a monthly beauty box that is $10 and has five deluxe samples that are picked based on your profile you create during sign up. If any of you are interested in Birchbox then use this link:

Now back to the review. I chose the Whish Cleansing Oil as my sample choice.

This month's box was super cute this month. I think Birchbox has cute boxes every month.

Here is my box with the samples in it:

The theme for this month is "What's The Occassion" and I find the theme appropriate since we had Valentine's Day earlier this month.

In the box I received:

This hair serum is supposed to be nourishing to help with damaged hair. It is also supposed to not weigh the hair down. My hair is really damaged since I have been dying my hair for almost two years now due to trying to hide the white hairs and last month I highlighted my hair and that made my hair even more damaged. Plus, on top of that I cannot live without my hair straightener and I have to straighten my hair almost every day, so I need something to help revive my hair.

Will I say this helps revive damaged hair? No, I wouldn't and I haven't seen a significant difference. I think in order to fix my split ends and damaged hair, I need to slow down on dying my hair, get a haircut again, and continue to use my hair masque. However, this serum does make my hair shiny. If you want shiny hair, then this is a serum you need. It does not weigh down the hair and smells amazing. If any of you have tried the Beauty Protector line you know how amazing it smells with a musky vanilla scent. Well, this serum smells exactly like the Beauty Protector. It is a clear serum with a slight purple hue. Here is a picture of what the serum looks like on the back of my hand: 

Would I be buying this serum down the road? Maybe since I do like how it makes my dull hair look shiny. With having highlights I love hair products that make my hair shiny since it makes my highlights stand out. I'm thinking of letting my natural hair color grow back out and embrace my white hair patches at the age of twenty. Anyway, with my natural hair I have dirty blonde hair and I feel like it is a dull color so  I do like hair serums to give me that shine. However, I do like the Number 4 hair serum that I received in my first ever Birchbox six months ago. For a full size it is $38.

Here is a picture of my hair with the hair serum in it:

Arrow is the second line created by Birchbox. Their first line was LOC and they featured that line in the November box, and this month they are featuring the Arrow line. The Arrow line is for a busy lifestyle and great for the gym. Right now they have the lip balm, cooling cheek tint, and a deodorant. In the spring they will be releasing more Arrow products, and I have heard they will be releasing more LOC products down the road too. The Arrow Lip Balm was a sample choice and I noticed a lot of people still received it and a lot of people also received the Arrow Cooling Cheek Tint in Punch.

The lip balm is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. I appreciate that this product is gluten-free since I have celiac disease. For those who do not know what celiac disease is, it is an auto-immune disease where gluten from wheat, barley, and rye damages the stomach/intestines and causes malnutrition, GI problems, bloating, nausea, acid reflux, reproductive issues, skin issues, etc. It can also cause infertility and stomach cancer if a person continues to ingest gluten. Anyway, some people who have celiac disease are super sensitive to items with gluten with them. For some celiacs they can use makeup and hair products with gluten and not react, but cannot eat foods with gluten. I found out I am a sensitive person and cannot use hair products and makeup that contains gluten. I feel there are more hair products with gluten in it compared to makeup items. I actually had to stop using the Beauty Protector since it has wheat in it and was making me bloated and sick. Anyway, back to the review.

The lip balm is supposed to change color with your Ph. Here is a swatch of the lip balm on my wrist.

For me the lip balm did not change that much and was just a light pink on my lips. The color is very close to my natural lip color and draws more pink out of my lips. I also noticed as I wore the lip balm on my lips it did not feel smooth and I got white gunk on the inner corners of my lips. I really did not like the feeling, but it does have a hydrating feel.

Here is a picture of me wearing the lip balm: 

Sorry for the picture looking bad and my one eye being squnity, I do not know why it does that. As you can see in the picture, the lip balm did not really change color on my lips.

Would I buy this lip balm? Probably not since it is not my favorite tinted lip balm. I will continue to use my sample, but I am more of a lipstick and lip stain girl. I think the lip balm was full size this month. For a full size it costs $14.

Okay, for the last six months since I have been wanting Birchbox to put a nail polish into my box, and finally I got one!

The color I got was in That's My Jam and it a pinky red, which is totally appropriate for Valentine's Day. I was bummed that I did not get my box a few days before Valentine's Day since I would have loved to wear this color for V-Day.

I feel like the nail polish is a great size since it is a mini. I feel like I can never get through a full sized nail polish. The want on the nail polish is a great size and looks like this: 

The nail polish has great pigment. However, I have one gripe about the nail polish and that it gets really goopy when you are doing your second coat and it takes a very long time for the nail polish to dry.

I want to re-do my nails with just one coat to see how long it takes and if it gets goopy when I put a top coat on it. The nail polish starts chipping around day three or four. I think it was day five I was taking a shower and some of the nail polish started to come off and I could peel all the nail polish off of my fingers.

This is what the nail polish looks like on my fingers:

I think the nail polish color is gorgeous, but I wouldn't buy this nail polish since it can get goopy and this sample will last me forever. For a full size it costs $8.50 which is an affordable price for a nail polish.

I got the scent Liquid Frued which is a really light coconut mango scent. On the bottle it says: "Liquid Freud (when you need to turn up the volume on your voice of inner reason)" then it says emotional well-being on the bottle. The body wash also includes St. Johns Wort which is a calming herb. The body wash is cruelty free and free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. 

The size of the body wash sample is okay. The scent is very light and does not stay with you once you are out of the shower and it is not a super soapy body wash.

Will I buy this? Probably not and I will stick with my Dove body wash since I like how the scent stays with me. I do like the scent of the Liquid Freud and I wonder what the other scents smell like. If you like coming out of the shower and not smelling like your shower gel then go for it. I do like that the body wash is not super overpowering because when I get out of the shower I put on Whish Body Butter in Lavender and I put that all over my arms. However, I do like smelling a little bit like my shower gel and my body butter. The price for a full size is $16.

This is my third product I have sampled from Whish. Last month I tried the body butter in lavender and I actually bought a full size, and this month from the date night box I tried the mud mask, and now I have tried this product.

I feel like when I receive a Whish sample there is barely any product in the sample which is disappointing because the bottle is a nice size, but only contains one to five uses. 

Before I got this sample I never knew what a cleansing oil was and what it did. So, what you do is put the oil onto your face when you are wearing makeup and then you activate it with water and wipe it off with a wash rag. 

The cleansing oil is more like a gel when it comes out of the bottle and it is more of an oil on the face. It does take off makeup really well. You can put the oil onto your eyelids and eyelashes to take off eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara and it does it really well. 

The cleansing oil smells like mango and coconut and smells really good.

Will I buy this product? I might, but I am not sure. Usually when I take off my makeup I use makeup wipes from Equate and then I cleanse my face or put a mask on. The cost for a full size is $30.

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I will be posting some fun reviews of some palettes and makeup I am about to get, and keep an eye out in March and April for those reviews. With the palettes I am getting I will include some eye looks. Would any of you want some step by step eye looks? Also, what do you all want to see on this blog? I will also be blogging on an item that I really love that is not makeup, but a lifestyle product. Hope you all enjoy my blog posts and have a great day. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Murad 90 Rapid Lightening Kit

I was given the opportunity by BeautyStat to try Murad's ninety day kit for free. You can buy the 90 day Lightening Kit at this link: and you can read more information about the Murad Lightening Regimen here:  

The kit includes a cleanser, serum, moisturizer, a peel, and an advanced serum.

When I got this kit I was really excited since it is supposed to help with sun damage by fading freckles, sun spots, and scars.

All the products have a citrus/orangey smell and somewhat of a chemical smell.  The moisturizer has a lotion smell in it due to having spf in it.

The cleanser has small beads in it and is light. However, one night I was washing my face with the cleanser and I was washing my face gently, I noticed one of my flat moles on my face that developed a pimple on it started to bleed. I thought that was odd. I also noticed that the cleanser was drying and I normally have dry skin and have worked hard to get rid of my dry skin, but these products dried out my face and caused breakouts.

The serum is a lightening serum and you are supposed to use it twice a day. I noticed it stung my face a bit and was very sticky.

The advanced serum also made my face hot and red with a stinging sensation. 

The moisturizer is a light day moisturizer that is a bit runny, but it is nice to wear under makeup. I recommend this moisturizer for people who have normal to oily skin since it did not hydrate my skin.

Lastly, the with the peel you are supposed to put it on your face for ten minutes. On the package it says it may cause a stinging feeling. Well it did, but once it stopped stinging it felt really cool, which was interesting. After washing the peel off my face, my face was red and hot for a while.

I don't usually have problems with skincare products and it is once in a blue moon. I did notice it did make my complexion look glowing, but did dry my face out badly. I don't recommend this product for people who have dry skin, sensitive skin, or skin that is prone to clogging.

Thank you to Murad and BeautyStat for allowing me to try this line.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Oz Naturals Super Youth Eye Serum

Disclaimer: I was given this for free to try and give my honest review on it.

I remember when I was eighteen a Mary Kay specialist came to my apartment to try skincare and makeup samples. She told me that around age nineteen you should start using anti-aging skincare products. At that time I wasn't big into skincare and only took my makeup off with an equate makeup remover wipe, then went to bed.

Now almost three years later I have a better skincare routine where I wipe my makeup off with an equate makeup remover wipe, then use a cleanser or mask, put a serum on, then a moisturizer. I have really dry skin so I moisturize twice a day. One thing missing from my skincare routine was an eye cream or serum.

Some of my products do have anti-aging properties to them, but not all and I feel it is never too early to start using anti-aging products.

With my review, I won't be focusing on the anti-aging property since I do not have wrinkles. This product also promises to improve dark circles and puffy eyes.

I usually have dark circles under my eyes and occasionally puffy eyes. I got this product Tuesday, February 9th and now it being Fruday, February 12th, I have noticed a huge difference. My dark circles are gone and my the skin around my eyes look clearer, which amazes me. The only think that can be seen under my eyes are my veins and I know the eye serum won't be able to hide those veins since I am super pale and have thin skin under my eyes.

The product I received was a 0.5 oz bottle and it does look tiny, but you can honestly get a lot of uses from it since you only need the smallest dot to dab under your eyes. 

It is a clear gel with and has a faint smell to it that smells a bit herbaly, but it is not a disgusting smell. I really like the smell of it and when you dab the serum under your eyes it gives a glossy appearance under your eyes, which make them look brighter. It is a light serum and is not sticky. 

I recommend this eye serum to anyone and I would totally buy it. You can buy it from Amazon for $17.95 at this link:

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Lipstick Queen Sinner Natural

I have been eyeing the Lipstick Queen lipsticks off of for a long time. They looked like an amazing brand with gorgeous colors. A few weeks ago I was browsing looking for what I could buy with my gift card. I found that Amazon sells a lot of Lipstick Queens lipsticks and I knew I had to buy one. I opted to buy one of the lipsticks from the Sinner collection. The Sinner collection is a matte, opaque with 90% pigmentation. They have colors that range from pinks, corals, and nudes. I have so many pink and red lipsticks already, so I decided to go with the natural lipstick since it is supposed to be similar to ones natural lip color, but more intense. This lipstick is about $24 and you can buy it from Lipstick Queen's website, Amazon, Birchbox, and Ulta.

When I got the lipstick, I was impressed by the packaging. The packaging has an eggplant, blackish hue to it and it has a silky smooth casing that has a nice weight to it. The packaging is luxurious.

The color is brown with a pink hue to it. The color goes on nicely and doesn't dry my lips out too much and feels semi-moisturizing. The color stays on the lips for about 6 hours and fades evenly and fades down to your natural lip color by the end of the day. The lipstick does not have a smell.

I totally recommend this lipstick because it is amazing and gorgeous. I want to buy more lipsticks from Lipstick Queen in the Sinner line and in their other lines. I am currently eyeing the Discovery Pack from the Birchbox shop and I want try the Rose and Wine Sinner next. I have been wearing this lipstick almost everyday because it is gorgeous and I love the formula.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

February 2016 Birchbox Featured Box: Date Night

Birchbox is a subscription service that offers 5 deluxe beauty samples a month for $10. They have a featured box and a regular box. The featured box is curated by Birchbox theirselves or by a guest and you know what you are getting. The regular box differs in samples each month since it goes off of your profile. With the regular box you can pick one of your samples when they have sample choice day.

I did not choose the featured box as my regular box, but bought it from their store since I really wanted to try two samples. 

The samples include:

When I first heard about this box, I was excited for this product and really wanted to try it out. I love masks and trying different types of masks out as well as brands. I tried Whish's body butter last month and absolutely loved it and purchased a full size, so that made me really excited to try any Whish product. For my regular box I actually chose the Whish cleansing oil. This product did not have a smell.

Anyway, with this mud mask I was really disappointed. The bottle felt empty as I picked it up and it was hard to squeeze any product out, and I finally did get a little out to use. You are supposed to put a thin layer on your face and keep it on for two minutes and then rinse it off with water. I did what the directions said to do and when I took the mask off my skin felt tight and hot, and my face was really red for an hour or so. 

I will not be repurchasing this product and I am actually glad I could only get one use out of it since it made my face red, hot, and tight. I thought it was weird that I reacted to this product since I do not have sensitive skin. Did anyone who has tried this product have a reaction? 

This was another product I was really excited about. I love lip products and I think lip products bring a makeup look together and look complete. Honestly if I had to choose a few makeup products to only wear I would choose mascara and a lip product. I thought it would be very interesting to try a lip tar and I thought this color is gorgeous.

I have mixed feelings about this product. I do like that fact that this product will last for a very long time since you only need a really small dot. Also, when I swatched the product I fell even more in love with the color. 

The picture above is what the product looks swatched and is from a small dot of product. After I swatched the product I went to the bathroom to wash it off and it wouldn't come off, so then I took a makeup remover wipe and tried to get it off of my hand and that did not work. My hand had a slight pink stain for the rest of the day. This product has a minty smell.

I do not recommend using your fingers to dab on the product since I found the product to stain your hands and because it is extremely messy. I recommend using a lip brush or even a small makeup brush to put the product on. I do not have a lip brush, but I own an elf concealer brush and an ecotools detailer brush. I do not use either and they both are small brushes and worked well to put the product on. Just squeeze a very small dot onto the brush and carefully paint it onto your lips. I still find using a brush makes the product still pretty messy. 

As I wore the lip tar throughout the day I noticed it would smear really easy. If my hand accidentally swiped by my mouth it would get on my hand or on my face. I actually kissed my husband and he got some on his lips which usually happens with any of my lip products, but when he went to wipe this product off of his mouth  it got on his hand and somehow ended up on his nose. Also, the product fades unevenly throughout the day and by the end of the day you can see the dryness of your lips.

This product probably will be used here and there since it is not my favorite. If you are looking to buy an OCC lip tar I say pass on it or see how it does in a lighter color. I really do not recommend this product. 

When I first heard about this box I did not like the fact that it had a perfume sample in it. I think a lot of subscribers dread perfume samples. I have actually tried another Catherine Malandrino perfume back in my September 2015 box and I really liked the scent. With this one I actually really love this scent! 

This perfume has a light floral musky scent. The scent doesn't last long on the skin and the way you apply the perfume is with a wand. I would have personally liked it as a spray or rollerball.

I probably wouldn't buy this perfume since I have a lot of perfume sitting in my bedroom that I hardly use. It is a nice scent though and if you are looking for a nice, light scent I recommend buying this perfume.

I did not really care for this product when I first heard that this box would have an Illuminator in it. I have been contempt with using Benefit's high beam and watts up highlighters. This product did not have any scent.

This Illuminator reminds me of Benefit's high beam since it a pink, sparkly liquid. This Illuminator was in a small pouch that had an illustration on where you put the Illuminator at. If you did not know you put the Illuminator on your cheek bones, on your Cupid's bow, on your chin, on the center of your forehead near the T-zone, and you can put it under eyebrows, but I usually put some over my eyebrows. 

I actually really like this Illuminator more than Benefit's high beam since it has more of a sparkle and gives you a better dewy look. I compared both products and high beam is a light whitish pink highlighter and this one is more of a light pink color. They both have sparkles in them.

I would recommend this Illuminator if you like strobing. Also, you will get a lot of use from this product since you only need small dots to blend it in with your skin.

I have tried to other Amika hair products and have liked both. I also have tried one other blowout spray before which was the Jeff Parlor blowout spray.

This spray has a light floral beach smell to it. You lightly spritz the product in damp hair and then blow dry your hair. It did not add any extra volume in my hair, but it did cut down on the time I spent blow drying my hair. 

This product is an okay product, but I would purchase it since I feel there are better blowout sprays out there on the market.

Overall thoughts: I feel like this box is pretty disappointing, especially since this box is targeted for getting ready for a date or for Valentine's Day. The products that stand out the best to me are the perfume and Illuminator. Everything else was okay or was not great. I hope my regular February box will have better products. If you got this box what did you like? If you are not getting this box then what product are you most excited to try this month? What is everyone planning on doing for Valentines Day/Single Awareness Day? 

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