Saturday, February 27, 2016

LAQA Nail Polish

I bought this nail polish off of Birchbox and I bought it for 40% off since I am a Birchbox Ace. I chose the color Bells and Whistles which is a deep purple. In the picture above you can see the nail polish I got in a haul.

The nail polish has a long wand which I find is nice because I feel when the wands are smaller I tend to accidentally bump into another nail or make a mess. With the longer wand I feel like I don't make a mess with the nail polish.

I love the color and how deep of a purple it is. You could get by with only one coat. It is not goopy and dries really quick. It doesn't have a smell and starts chipping after three days.

Would I buy this nail polish again? Well I would not buy this in Bells and Whistles again any time soon since this nail polish will last me forever. I can never go through a full size nail polish bottle. But, I would buy this nail polish in a different color. You can buy the nail polish here:

I hope you all liked this review and sorry that it is so short. I will be posting reviews from here on out on Tuesday's and Saturday's. I have a ton of awesome products to review for you all. Some I want to review right now since I am so excited for some of them, but I am going to hold off. You may see one of the reviews sometime next week or the following since I am so excited to tell you all about the products! Actually make it two to three items. Anyway, we will see when they are coming. Cannot wait to do some reviews.

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