Monday, February 8, 2016

Lipstick Queen Sinner Natural

I have been eyeing the Lipstick Queen lipsticks off of for a long time. They looked like an amazing brand with gorgeous colors. A few weeks ago I was browsing looking for what I could buy with my gift card. I found that Amazon sells a lot of Lipstick Queens lipsticks and I knew I had to buy one. I opted to buy one of the lipsticks from the Sinner collection. The Sinner collection is a matte, opaque with 90% pigmentation. They have colors that range from pinks, corals, and nudes. I have so many pink and red lipsticks already, so I decided to go with the natural lipstick since it is supposed to be similar to ones natural lip color, but more intense. This lipstick is about $24 and you can buy it from Lipstick Queen's website, Amazon, Birchbox, and Ulta.

When I got the lipstick, I was impressed by the packaging. The packaging has an eggplant, blackish hue to it and it has a silky smooth casing that has a nice weight to it. The packaging is luxurious.

The color is brown with a pink hue to it. The color goes on nicely and doesn't dry my lips out too much and feels semi-moisturizing. The color stays on the lips for about 6 hours and fades evenly and fades down to your natural lip color by the end of the day. The lipstick does not have a smell.

I totally recommend this lipstick because it is amazing and gorgeous. I want to buy more lipsticks from Lipstick Queen in the Sinner line and in their other lines. I am currently eyeing the Discovery Pack from the Birchbox shop and I want try the Rose and Wine Sinner next. I have been wearing this lipstick almost everyday because it is gorgeous and I love the formula.

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