Friday, February 12, 2016

Oz Naturals Super Youth Eye Serum

Disclaimer: I was given this for free to try and give my honest review on it.

I remember when I was eighteen a Mary Kay specialist came to my apartment to try skincare and makeup samples. She told me that around age nineteen you should start using anti-aging skincare products. At that time I wasn't big into skincare and only took my makeup off with an equate makeup remover wipe, then went to bed.

Now almost three years later I have a better skincare routine where I wipe my makeup off with an equate makeup remover wipe, then use a cleanser or mask, put a serum on, then a moisturizer. I have really dry skin so I moisturize twice a day. One thing missing from my skincare routine was an eye cream or serum.

Some of my products do have anti-aging properties to them, but not all and I feel it is never too early to start using anti-aging products.

With my review, I won't be focusing on the anti-aging property since I do not have wrinkles. This product also promises to improve dark circles and puffy eyes.

I usually have dark circles under my eyes and occasionally puffy eyes. I got this product Tuesday, February 9th and now it being Fruday, February 12th, I have noticed a huge difference. My dark circles are gone and my the skin around my eyes look clearer, which amazes me. The only think that can be seen under my eyes are my veins and I know the eye serum won't be able to hide those veins since I am super pale and have thin skin under my eyes.

The product I received was a 0.5 oz bottle and it does look tiny, but you can honestly get a lot of uses from it since you only need the smallest dot to dab under your eyes. 

It is a clear gel with and has a faint smell to it that smells a bit herbaly, but it is not a disgusting smell. I really like the smell of it and when you dab the serum under your eyes it gives a glossy appearance under your eyes, which make them look brighter. It is a light serum and is not sticky. 

I recommend this eye serum to anyone and I would totally buy it. You can buy it from Amazon for $17.95 at this link:

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