Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Murad 90 Rapid Lightening Kit

I was given the opportunity by BeautyStat to try Murad's ninety day kit for free. You can buy the 90 day Lightening Kit at this link:  http://www.murad.com/rapid-lightening-regimen-90-day-supply and you can read more information about the Murad Lightening Regimen here: http://www.murad.com/rapid-lightening-regimen  

The kit includes a cleanser, serum, moisturizer, a peel, and an advanced serum.

When I got this kit I was really excited since it is supposed to help with sun damage by fading freckles, sun spots, and scars.

All the products have a citrus/orangey smell and somewhat of a chemical smell.  The moisturizer has a lotion smell in it due to having spf in it.

The cleanser has small beads in it and is light. However, one night I was washing my face with the cleanser and I was washing my face gently, I noticed one of my flat moles on my face that developed a pimple on it started to bleed. I thought that was odd. I also noticed that the cleanser was drying and I normally have dry skin and have worked hard to get rid of my dry skin, but these products dried out my face and caused breakouts.

The serum is a lightening serum and you are supposed to use it twice a day. I noticed it stung my face a bit and was very sticky.

The advanced serum also made my face hot and red with a stinging sensation. 

The moisturizer is a light day moisturizer that is a bit runny, but it is nice to wear under makeup. I recommend this moisturizer for people who have normal to oily skin since it did not hydrate my skin.

Lastly, the with the peel you are supposed to put it on your face for ten minutes. On the package it says it may cause a stinging feeling. Well it did, but once it stopped stinging it felt really cool, which was interesting. After washing the peel off my face, my face was red and hot for a while.

I don't usually have problems with skincare products and it is once in a blue moon. I did notice it did make my complexion look glowing, but did dry my face out badly. I don't recommend this product for people who have dry skin, sensitive skin, or skin that is prone to clogging.

Thank you to Murad and BeautyStat for allowing me to try this line.

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