Friday, March 11, 2016

Better Than Sex Mascara

Hey everyone! Two weeks ago when I got the Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette I received the Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara.

I have been dying to try this mascara because I have heard many great things about this mascara. This mascara is $23 and you can buy it from Too Faced, Ulta, HSN, and Sephora.

The mascara comes in sleek, pink tube that is slightly heavy and feels luxurious. The brush was designed to be like a woman's body since the brush has curves. Also, it is supposed to hug the curves of your lashes.

I curl my eyelashes and apply this mascara to my eyelashes and this mascara is an inky black and it lengthens my eyelashes and adds volume them and I love it. I love mascaras that make my eyelashes dark and dramatic and this mascara does exactly that.

The brush is pretty big and can make application pretty messy. I decided to put my eyeshadow and mascara on before I put on my foundation and concealer so I clean up any messes from eyeshadow or mascara. Also, I tend to get some mascara onto my eyelids so after I am done all my makeup I go back in and touch up my mascara.

On March 17, 2016, Too Faced will be coming out with a waterproof version of this mascara and I cannot wait since I love waterproof mascaras since I have allergies. The regular version holds up pretty well with water, but it will run after a while if you are underwater for a long time or crying really bad. The mascara does flake a little, but it isn't too bad to where it is super noticeable. The mascara lasts about 10 hours and comes off very easy.

The mascara is very lightweight on your eyes and it just feels amazing. I feel like I am not wearing any mascara. I usually put two to three coats on since it is buildable and does not get too clumpy. You can get away with one coat as well and have it look really good.

When I run out of this mascara I will be purchasing the waterproof formula to see how it is, and if I don't like the waterproof version, then I will be repurchasing this.

Stay tuned to my Instagram and Twitter for updates and also I will be getting something awesome this coming week. I cannot wait to share Tuesday's blog with you all, can you guess based on my Instagram or Twitter what Tuesday's blog post will be?

How do you all like this mascara and will you be buying the waterproof version?

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