Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Get Ready With Me: Sick Day

Hey everyone, I'm doing my blog different today and sorry for this blog post being a day late. Instead of reviewing a product I am just going to do a get ready with me. I am sick with a cold and did not feel like doing a review so I decided to show you what I am drinking when I am sick and how minimal my makeup is.

With being sick you want to stay hydrated. I lost my voice with this cold so I having been drinking 2 liters of water a day and drinking herbal teas with honey in them.

I have been drinking a lot of Bigelow's Lemon Ginger with probiotics. I boil water on the stove, then I pour the water into the cup with a tea bag and then let the tea seap for 4 minutes. After the four minutes is up I put a tablespoon of honey into my tea. I also drink Bigelow's peppermint tea and sleepy time tea and I also put a tablespoon of honey into it.

I then took some cold medicine and an allergy pill and filled my 1 liter water bottle up.

I then put some Khiels eye serum under my eyes and Zaija's Goats Milk Day Cream Moisturizer.

Now it is time for makeup. I primed my faced with Benefit Poreprofesional and primed my eyes with Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

I like to put eyeshadow on prior to foundation and concealer. To set my primer I took Cashew Chew from the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette (I did my whole eye look with this palette) on my elf eyeshadow brush and patted it onto my eyelid.

Then, with my elf dome crease brush I took Mocha and put that into my crease and then I went back to my palette and picked up Bordeaux and added that to my crease.

I then took my Luxie 205 crease blending brush and just went over my crease to blend out any harsh lines.

After that I took my ecotools eyeshadow brush and picked up almond truffle and added that to my lid.

Here is what my eye look looks like without mascara.

Usually I am a two to three coats type of girl when it comes to my mascara, but since I'm sick I decided to stay minimal and just do one coat of Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I took a q-tip to clean under my area up since some mascara got onto my skin.

Now it is time for foundation. I used the Tarte Amazonian 12 Hour Foundation in Ivory and I just squeezed some of the foundation onto the back of my hand and took my Real Techniques Expert Sculpting Brush and buffed the foundation onto my skin.

After I finished my foundation I used a concealer from Tarte and the color is in fair and I just drew a triangle under my eyes and took my ecotools concealer brush to blend out the concealer and I used my fingers as well.

For my eyebrows I used Tarte Tinted Brow Gel in Taupe and this gives a natural look.

I then took my Elf Angled Eyeshading Brush and picked up Divinity and put it on my brow bone.

For blush I used Benefit Dandelion since it is a pale baby pink and gives a small amount of flush to the skin.

Lastly, to finish off my look I put the Arrow lip balm on my lips since it is light and moisturizing. Also, it changes color to your pH.

Here is what the final looks like.

Usually with my makeup looks I put highlighter and do my eye looks differently. Stay tuned for another blog on Friday and follow me on Instagram @allthingskayla and on Twitter @allthingskayla1. Did you all like the get ready blog? Should I do more blogs like these?

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