Tuesday, March 1, 2016

BKR Water Bottle

Hey everyone! I was going to do a review on my Birchbox Mystery Box today, but I am not feeling well today. I went to a Mexican restaurant last night and my husband and I ordered burritos. I got mine on a corn tortilla since it is gluten free. Well after eating I got super sick from it due to cross contamination with gluten and I'm feeling a bit better today, but I still feel very crappy today and just laying in bed. I will do the mystery box review next Saturday since I have some other fun items to review before it. 

Anyway, I had some points from Birchbox to cash in and a 20% off code for being with them for six months. I wanted to get the Strong Start Limited Edition box since it had a BKR water bottle in it. However, the box went out of stock. So, I decided to buy a BKR bottle. The BKR water bottle comes in three sizes which are: 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz. I decided to go with a 32 oz since I drink a lot of water. 

The water bottle is glass and has silicone on it so if you drop it, it has a less chance of breaking. The lid is plastic and has a handle on it so it is easy to carry. 

I really love this water bottle and I have been using it every day and I fill the bottle up two times a day.

The 32 oz is $45 and you can get it on Amazon, Birchbox, and BKR's website. 

I actually really want to buy a 16 oz for traveling or for when I am in the car since my 32 oz does not fit in cup holders. I will only get the 16 oz if I have enough points on Birchbox since the water bottles are pretty expensive. 

I think this a great water bottle if you don't want to drink out of platic water bottles and want a bottle that doesn't leave your bottle that tastes funky. Also, this water bottle is dishwasher safe and you can keep the silicone on the bottle.

By the way my water bottles color is in float.

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