Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette

Hey everyone! So I have been eyeing the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette for a while because honestly how cute is the packaging? I got mine off of for $29 with a $20 off coupon for new customers.

I got this palette on March 5th and I usually like to make 8 looks from it before reviewing it, but I kept putting this review on the back burner and kept telling myself I will review it next month, but in all seriousness it needed to be done this month.

First let's talk about packaging. It is pink with hearts on the front of it instead of it looking like a chocolate bar. It is super girly and eye catching. I like it is tin because it is sturdy and easy to clean off. It has a magnet closure to keep it shut and mine seems a bit weak compared to the other chocolate bar palettes. I personally would not travel with this palette, well with mine at least since it opens really easy when I did the test where I turn it upside down to see it opens and then shake it. Keeping up with the heart designs on the outside of the palette, you will see that the 14 small shadows are heart shaped and then you have two big highlight pans. You do get the same amount of product in this palette compared to the original chocolate bar and the semi-sweet palette. The names are written by the shadows to tell you their names which is very convenient. The palette has a mirror on it which is really nice because I like to get a closer look to my eye when I am doing my eye look, mascara, and eyebrows. My mirror almost lays completely down. Most importantly it smells like chocolate and is infused with cocoa powder.

I was super excited to get this palette in the mail and was constantly watching the tracking. Well when I saw the palette was delivered I quickly got dressed and went outside to go to my mailbox to get it and then I brought in and quickly opened the packaging. I open the palette and thought it was very pretty and I then took a picture of it before I swatched it. When I was swatching it I thought the colors were very pretty, however I went to make an eye look and was really looking at the palette, I was feeling like something was missing and that it would be hard to make many different eye looks from this palette.

Due to me feeling like something was missing I decided I wanted to get the original chocolate bar to help this palette out to make more looks. As I was thinking about to get the original palette, I was looking pictures of the semi-sweet palette and decided that palette was calling my name. My husband ended up buying me the original palette from HSN with the $20 off coupon and I bought the semi-sweet palette off Too Faced's website with a 20% off coupon. I will be reviewing those palettes sometime in April and May, but I am aiming to get both reviewed in April and then I want to do a battle of the chocolate bar palettes (ie. original vs. semi-sweet, original vs. bon bons, semi-sweet vs. bon bons, and all of them compared together).

I am trying so hard as I am writing this review to not compare this palette to the original and the semi-sweet, so after this point I will not mention the original or semi-sweet and focus 100% on the Bon Bons palette.

I noticed the colors I tend to gravitate to in this palette is: almond truffle, cashew chew, pecan praline, satin sheets, divinity, mocha, molasses chip, cafe au lait, and bordeaux. I am not too crazy about malted or dark truffle. Those two colors are great for the outer v and darking up the crease, but I feel like most of these colors in the palette are very, very light and malted and dark truffle are super dark. Then there are a lot of pops of color and you have: sprinkles, totally fetch, cotton candy, black currant, and earl grey. I feel like earl grey has the most fall out compared to the other shadows and black currant kind of struggles when you put it on. By the way I tried all the shadows in the palette and there were some nights I just played around with this palette and added some other palettes to make different looks, but I didn't take pictures of them. I also have used all the pinks in this palette and I love them and I don't think totally fetch is scary looking, but I only use it as a crease shade.

With the many pops of color I find it hard to incorporate them into an everyday look and I usually do not use colored eyeshadows unless I am wearing the color of that eyeshadow, white, black, or grey shirts. On most days I use neutral colors.

The colors in the palette and their descriptions are:

  • Almond Truffle: is a little matte mauve.
  • Satin Sheets: is a champagne with pinkish hues (it has shimmer in it) and could be used as a highlight on the face.
  • Sprinkles: is a light baby rose/pink.
  • Molasses Chip: is a metallic bronzy gold.
  • Malted: is a dark chocolate brown.
  • Cashew Chew: is a nude.
  • Cotton Candy: is a metallic bubblegum pink.
  • Cafe Au Lait: is a metallic silver/grey.
  • Bordeaux: is a burgundy brown.
  • Mocha: is a milk brown/medium brown.
  • Black Currant: is a deep purple with shimmer.
  • Dark Truffle: is a dark brown with golden shimmer.
  • Pecan Praline: is a greyish taupe.
  • Totally Fetch: is a hot pink.
  • Early Grey: Is a greyish teal with shimmer.
  • Divinity: is a matte white.
All these shadows are super buttery and blend very well. My favorite eyeshadow out of this whole palette is molasses chip.

Here are some looks I created with this palette:

Anyway, I do love this palette, but at the same time I don't because I feel like a lot of the looks look the same.

What are your thoughts on this palette and what is your favorite chocolate bar palette?

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