Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Studio Gear Whipped Lip Stain Gloss

Hey everyone, sorry I have not blogged for a long time. I was traveling for the past week, but now I am home and able to blog. While I was on vacation I got to really try out my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and I will be reviewing that this Friday and now I just need to finish trying out the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar and the Tartelette in Bloom. I just made an order with Sephora last night and I have some new items that I will be reviewing once they arrive next week. Anyway, how has everybody been?

Today I am reviewing Studio Gear Whipped Lip Stain Glosses. Studio Gear sent me five of their whipped glosses to try and review for all of you.

The colors I received are: true marble which is a nude, true red, true fuchsia, true burgundy, and true wine. They retail for $17.50 on the website and you can buy these in a mini version for $5 each.

They are very pigmented and only need one swipe to cover your lips. They leave a nice stain after the gloss starts to fade and the stain last the whole day. Each gloss stain is true to the color in the tube so it does not change to a different color once on your lips.

They say they are supposed to be hydrating, but I noticed once they started to fade down to a stain, my lips would start to feel dry and I had to put some chapstick on. I recommend putting chapstick on and then applying the gloss.

The glosses don't have a smell to them which is nice because I cannot stand when lip products have a terrible scent to them. They are also gluten free.

I only tried true pebble and true fuschia only because I love wearing nude lip colors lately and I do like a good fuschia/pink and I felt like they were more springy compared to other three that are more fall like colors. I really like these whipped lip gloss stains and I know they are going to last a while since you only need one swipe.

You can buy the lipgloss stains from http://studio-gear-cosmetics.myshopify.com/ and you get 10% off an order with the code SGKayla.

Talk to you all Friday! I cannot wait to share my review on the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette.

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