Friday, June 10, 2016

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

Hey, everyone! Happy Friday! Today I am going to be reviewing the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette! The Sweet Peach palette is a limited edition palette that was released in March 2016. This palette has been very hyped up before the release date and due to the hype it was always sold out. I know the owner of Too Faced said he is going to try to make it available to everyone who wants one. Are they even selling the palettes anymore?

Anyway, back in April, I was entering many Instagram contests to try and win a Sweet Peach palette, but I had no such luck. I then called my local Sephora and Ulta to see if they had any palettes available, but they were also sold out. After that, I felt very hopeless. Well, I was on YouTube watching reviews on the palette and someone mentioned HSN. I totally forgot that HSN sells Too Faced and the last time I checked the palette was sold out. Well, I went onto HSN and checked their website. Once I was on their website, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me because the palette was in stock! They had just restocked a few minutes before I went onto their site and this was before everyone started Tweeting and Instagramming that it was in stock on HSN. I quickly then ordered one and had to wait a week for it to arrive at my house.

Waiting a week for this palette was torture, and I felt like I was a little child on Christmas Day when my palette came in the mail. When I know I am getting makeup in the mail, I usually will not do my makeup until I get my mail. Anyway, I quickly tore through the box and could instantly smell a sweet scent of peaches. The palette really does smell delicious, and it does taste sweet too. Okay, I did not dip my finger into the palette to taste the eyeshadows, but one day I was using my palette and some of the powder got into the air while my mouth was opened and I got a taste of the palette. 

This palette is a little different than most Too Faced palettes. With the Chocolate Bar palette series, they have 14 average sized eyeshadows and two big eyeshadows in them. With the Sweet Peach palette, it has 18 average sized eyeshadows and no big eyeshadow pans. 

The palette ranges from neutrals, pinks, peaches, purples, green, and blacks. I know not everyone was thrilled when they found out the color scheme since most people expected it would have a lot more peachy colors in it. I personally like the color scheme and feel I will use more of the colors than if it was just all peachy. I do however believe they could have made this a 9 or 12 eyeshadow palette, but I am still pleased on how they did this palette. 

Out of all the Too Faced palettes I own, I love this palette the most. I have to cycle through my palettes every day so I do not use this palette up because I would use it every single day. By the way, I have enough palettes to use one every day.

From left to right the colors are White Peach, Luscious, Just Peachy, Bless Her Heart, Tempting, Charmed I'm Sure, Nectar, Cobbler, Candied Peach, Bellini, Peach Pit, Delectable, Peaches 'N Cream, Georgia, Carmalized, Puree, Summer Yum, and Talk Derby To Me.

Aren't the names cute? My favorite colors out of this palette are white peach, luscious, just peachy, bless her heart, charmed I'm sure, nectar, cobbler, candied peach, bellini, peaches 'n cream, Georgia, caramelized, puree, and summer yum. Can you tell I love this palette? However, the colors I tend to gravitate to most of the time are peaches 'n cream, white peach, luscious, nectar, candied peach, Georgia, puree, and summer yum.

Here are three looks I made with this palette:

What do you all like this palette or don't like this palette? If this palette was to be available again would you get it?

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